Farce in your face.

Original Comedy, Vaudeville, Production Assistance

On a remote island off the west coast of Ireland...it started with the 2018 Indy Fringe show the Pope Walks Into a Bar, Father Ned!

The feckless crew from Perpendicular Island are back for their third Fringe. This time they’re blasting off in an intergalactic musical. When the Vatican creates a secret space missions team, Perpendicular Island provides the perfect site to launch the Papal rocket. Through a series of mishaps, Father Ned and crew board and launch the rocket and find themselves singing their way through space with angry Jesuits in hot pursuit. Along the way they encounter a desperate Alien and a Yiddish-speaking Otter, only to learn there’s no place like home.

Next up at Fringe 2021, Rocket In Your Pocket: Father Ned in Space, the Musical! The first fully scored and choreographed musical production.