Farce in your face.

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On a remote island off the west coast of Ireland…

The company’s first show introduces the residents of the Perpendicular Island Parochial House: Father Ned Tully, Father Dermott McDermott, Father Finn Flannagan, and housekeeper Mrs. O’Boyle. When the Bishop arrives with news of a visit from the Pope, the crew is turned upside down as they prepare food and music and await Ned’s favorite news presenter. But beware Mrs. O’Boyle’s sandwiches. They’re death to the Bishop, and possibly the Pope. The show was the top seller at the District Theatre Cabaret, and was remounted in January 2019 as The Pope Walks Into a Pub directed by Robert Hay-Smith, and played to sell out crowds at the Harlequin Theatre in Columbus, Indiana.

Written by Kate Duffy, with Jeff Kirkwood, and David Molloy

Original rap music by Nathan Burner

Father Ned Tully – Jeff Kirkwood

Father Dermott McDermott – Blake Mellencamp

Father Finn Flannagan – David Molloy

Mrs. O’Boyle – Kate Duffy

Bishop Brannagan – Jim Lucas

Sharon O’Riordan – Kyrsten Lyster

Father Nate B Good – Nathan Burner


In the company’s first gender bender casting, Ned and Dermott find themselves in charge of a foundling. Mrs. O’Boyle is on vacation and Mrs. McShane is snooping and supervising their every move. Will this interruption hurt Ned’s chances at becoming Outlying Very Remote Rural Parish Priest of the Year? Sean Connery to the rescue!

Written by Kate Duffy and Directed by Nicole Brinkman Reeves

Original rap music by Nathan Burner

Father Ned Tully – Kate Duffy

Father Dermott McDermott – Kyrsten Lyster

Father Finn Flannagan – Tracy Herring

Mrs. O’Boyle – Manny Casillas

Mrs. McShane – Anthony Logan

Annie – Case Jacobus

Nate – Nathan Burner


In this tribute to Game of Thrones, the residents of Perpendicular Island find themselves the victim of a scam when international thief The Dragon and his daughter come hunting for rare Viking coprolites. The Bog Monster lurks in the background as all out war descends on the island and the characters assume identities from their favorite television drama, Game of Crows. But Father Finn has some surprises lurking in the bog – and in his pants.

Written by Kate Duffy 

Original rap music by Nathan Burner

Father Ned Tully/Lord Ned Stick- David Molloy

Father Dermott McDermott/Greyboy – Blake Mellencamp

Father Finn Flannagan – David Whicker

Mrs. O’Boyle/Lady Oleander Tralala – Kate Duffy

Hugh O’Toole/The Dragon – Jim Lucas 

Bridget Roberson/The Dragon’s Daughter – Kyrsten Lyster

Boggy Nate – Nathan Burner


After a year’s COVID-induced hiatus, the company’s first full musical hit Indy Fringe in 2021. Ned, Dermott, and Mrs. O’Boyle unwittingly disrupt the Vatican’s intergalactic mission scheme and find themselves hurtling across space pursued by angry Jesuits. Cheesy sci-fi references abound as Dermott explores his true identity with The Alien and Cosmic Otter, only to learn there’s no place like home. 

Written by Kate Duffy and Directed by Dane Rogers and Sarah Hoback

Original music by Blake Mellencamp, Kate Duffy, and MaryAnne Mathews

Music arranged by Ryan Fitzharris

Choreography by Cindye McDaniel

Father Ned Tully – Jon Lindley

Father Dermott McDermott – Blake Mellencamp

Father Finn Flannagan – David Whicker/Dane Rogers

Mrs. O’Boyle – Kate Duffy

General Jesuit – David Molloy

Captain Jesuit – Manny Casillas

Alien – Kyrsten Lyster

Cosmic Otter – MaryAnne Mathews

In the company’s first full length – not Fringe length – script, we pick up where Who’s Minding the Snapper left off. Father Ned, recently returned from temporary disciplinary assignment to Antarctica, is at war with his archrival Father Pat Curran. Who will emerge as top priest in the remote Irish parish? But it’s not just Ned’s reputation that’s at stake. Lock up your sheep, and watch your back. Shameful McShane is on the loose and Mrs. O’Boyle is calling in favors from the mob.

Table read hosted by the Indiana Playwrights Circle/Indiana Writers Center.

Written by Kate Duffy 

Father Ned Tully – Jon Lindley

Father Dermott McDermott – Kyrsten Lyster

Father Finn Flannagan – David Molloy

Mrs. O’Boyle – MaryAnne Mathews

Bishop Brannagan/Mrs. McShane – Rick Plummer

Sharon O’Riordan/Annie – Shari Grinnell

Stage Directions/Elvis – Ben Lagow


Clarical Error Productions, Inc., is departing Perpendicular Island and launching a vaudeville revue, bringing this iconic American theatrical genre into the 21st Century. A variety of acts will showcase some of Indy’s favorite performers.

Hosted by Kate Duffy and Jon Lindley

Produced by David Molloy


Jason Adams, Matt Anderson, James Solomon Benn, Jamahl

Keyes, Lola LaVacious, and Minnie Ryder.

Parodies recorded on Zoom

Unable to assemble on stage in 2020 due to the pandemic, the company took advantage of Zoom to create a virtual Father Ned, and two parodies of well loved shows in 15 minute shorts.

It’s a Quarantine, Father Ned! finds the residents of the Perpendicular Island parochial house isolated from one another while trying to carry on the parish business via Zoom. Dermott believes becoming Mr. Clean will create a healthier environment, while Ned is faced with an ethical dilemma: refuse to hold mass in person and face the Bishop’s ire, or hold mass in person and be castigated by the press. And how is Mrs. O’Boyle capable of serving tea through the screen?

Written by Blake Mellencamp

Music and video editing by Blake Mellencamp

Father Ned Tully – David Molloy

Father Dermott McDermott – Blake Mellencamp

Father Finn Flannagan – David Whicker

Mrs. O’Boyle – Kate Duffy

Bishop Brannagan – Jim Lucas

Sharon O’Riordan – Kyrsten Lyster

Your favorite vamps are back in What We Do in the Pandemic. Assembled for a virtual house meeting, the undead must come to terms with human blood tainted by COVID. Is there a role for them screening samples for the CDC? Meanwhile, the energy vampire is lapping up all the bad vibes created by his housemates’ consternation and public  quarantines and mask mandates.

Written by Kate Duffy

Music by Blake Mellencamp

Pandora the Persistent – Kate Duffy

Alphonso Ravensville – David Molloy

Lydia Ravensville – Kyrsten Lyster

Evan Livingstone – Blake Mellencamp

Jorge – Manny Casillas

It’s a Schlitz Crick Covid Christmas! The Bloze family are all in quarantine.  Donnie is trapped in the bathroom, Roman won’t come to the rescue without money – and more money, and Nora is hiding information that could be the key to salvaging the holiday and spicing up her marriage. But first, they have to fit a fully decorated Christmas tree through the bathroom window. Eeeewww, COVID!

Written by Kate Duffy

Donnie Bloze – David Molloy

Nora Bloze – Kate Duffy

Charlie – Kyrsten Lyster

Roman Schlitz – Jon Lindley

Daniel Bloze – Kaya Kyle Dorsch

Peter Baker – Manny Casillas

Alexa – Shari Grinnell